London Fashion Week: Day 5


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Zara Barouch

Jacket and Jeans, Zara; Top, Jospeh; Bag, Moschino; Shoes, Giuseppe Zanotti

Todays look was quite casual, I wore patterned jeans, with an embroider satin bomber jacket. I also rocked a ponytail with a red lip again, teaming it once again with the infamous Zanotti boots, and Moschino bag.


Final day of fashion week, and for a change I was at The Hospital Club in Covent Garden to see the latest collection from Spanish designer, Emilio De La Morena. I also sat opposite style icon, Ms. Olivia Palermo.


If you look closely you can see me sitting 2nd row on the right hand side of the pictures :)

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 15.35.59

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 15.36.02

Never a dull moment, the collection featured a kaleidoscope of colours from copper tones, pastel pink and coral orange to an array of metallic; the models certainly lit up the runway in the vibrant SS15 pieces. Drawing influence from ‘the glamour and energy of Ibiza in the eighties’, with corsetry being key to the collection. Frequent use of pattern and mermaid inspired looks were injected into the collection. The Spanish designer created a versatile collection, full of vibrant coloured spring/summer designs fit for every occasion.

London Fashion Week: Day 3


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IMG_3304 - Version 2

Being Street Styled on the way to Marios Schwab

Being Street Styled on the way to Marios Schwab

I skipped Day 2 of LFW, due a rather unfortunate incident in my Zanotti’s. We’ll say no more.


 Shoes, Stuart Weitzman; Jeans, Mason Martin Margiela; Top, Marlene Birger; Bag, Chanel; Sunglasses, Tom Ford



On Day 3 I went to the very wearable Marios Schwab SS15 show. The collection took inspiration from the composed light across architectural landscapes, with visually sculptural yet fluid in movement. Further inspiration was taken from Marios Swhwab’s Greek routes, with patterns resembling traditional Greek infrastructure and Grecian goddess style choker necklaces. Form-fitting tailoring with asymmetric hemlines were the standout style, with embellished, sheer dresses mixing textures and patterns. Photo print dresses where ancient Greek statues meet Grecian column dresses, with the press notes appropriately referring to the patterns as “Herculaneum”.


A distinct vibe of urban elegance, the collection is perfect for the style-conscious woman always on the move.

London Fashion Week SS15: Day 1


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DSC05039 copy

Day 1 was perhaps my busiest day at Fashion Week. I was a little late rising, and was having some what of a bad hair day, so based my outfit around that. I grabbed my Moschino cap and bag, then simply wore a black leather skirt, and t-shirt, and tottered around Somerset House in my Giuseppe Zanotti heels.


DSC05037 copy

Kicking off London Fashion Week was J.JS Lee. There was plenty of Lee’s signature sporty tailoring on offer – modern polo shirts, sweatshirts and tennis-style dresses – demonstrating perfectly what she does so well season after season: beautifully wearable clothes. There are always classic shapes and styles on offer in her collections, but with the modern twist of an unexpected fabric or an unusual cut.

Mullet hems – that’s skirts that are longer at the back than at the front – played a big part, and appeared on capes, too. The colour palette was mostly neutral, save for a flash of lime green or peach here and there. We were particularly taken with the navy tailoring that had a pop of colour at a jaunty angle. This theme of angles, and curves as well, continued throughout, manifesting in square motifs with a circle inside and perhaps most cleverly, almond toed shoes with squared off soles.

The next show I went to was Bora Aksu. For the first half of the show we saw beautifully crafted dresses and two-piece sets which were a safe choice of Spring / Summer nudes and white hues. The designs are all very fitting with the inspiration Bora Aksu drew on for this collection – Marie Taglioni. Marie was a famous ballerina, the first to dance ‘en pointe’ to be precise. This collection portrays her rise to fame as such, and the trials and tribulations she faced.

Bora Aksu ss15

Whilst referencing the classic ballerina tones of peach and pink we do see in the second half of the show dark shades of black, cobalt and lilac blues present themselves. Whilst there is certainly a presence of darker hues, the vibe remained incredibly light and airy – keeping a the delicate feel.

On the catwalk for Jean Pierre Braganza

On the catwalk for Jean Pierre Braganza

The final show I saw that day was Jean Pierre Bragaza, who I have watched grow over the last couple of years. His collections have gone from strength to strength, and this season being no exception. Braganza brought us a deconstructed New York, with a plethora of motorcycle prints in a collection entitled ‘Architectonic’. When closely examined the prints are highly detailed including angels, engines and even skulls.


My personal favourite piece from the collection was a jumpsuit with cut out organza panels, and an over sized white leather biker jacket. The cut and fit was spot on, but the aesthetic was even greater, creating a bold but classy look. A hint of Paris chic, in short, this collection was concise, with hints of darkness that I am always looking out for. Bravo JPB



Surviving Fashion Week

surviving fashion week


Fashion week is about to commence in New York this, then moving on to London, Milan and Paris. The days can be pretty gruelling running from show to show, and with the surge of street style photographers, it’s important that you are always camera ready. I’ve made a small kit that no fashionista should leave the house without.


1. Court Shoes: The perfect shoe to go with any outfit. Black and nude are your basics, but if you are feeling bold, opt for a coloured shoe to jazz up your look.

2. Sunglasses: Any self respecting fashionista does not leave the house without them. Who wants a photo of themselves plastered across blogs and online magazines mid blink? Besides they give you an air of mystery, making people wonder who you are. (Triple Graces, sunglasses)

3. Plimsoles: Luckily are totally acceptable footwear these days, but if you prefer like me to wear a heel, they’re perfect for putting on around the corner once you’ve escaped the photographers.

4. Band aid: Blisters are sometimes inevitable, and as the saying goes always be prepared.

5.Eye Patches: After early mornings, long days and late nights, under eye patches are a necessary. (Klorane)

6. Business Cards: Never leave home without them. You never know who you could be rubbing shoulders with, and a little self promotion never did anyone any harm.

7. Lipstick: Red always looks good on camera, and paired with some sunglasses, you’ll be sure to always look chic at any angle.

8. Phone: An obvious one, but important you keep your instagram followers in the loop, and also serves as a visual note pad of what you saw at what show.


Bigger Is Better

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 12.20.27

I recently discovered Colombian jewellery designer Paula Mendoza, whilst reading Mexican Vogue. Her large bold statement piece jewellery are bound to gather attention amongst your peers. Paula’s jewelry exemplifies the richness of Colombian gold and the power of each emerald’s green.

Ten years ago, through studying with local artisans across South America and experimenting with different stones and metals, Paula fully submerged herself into the world of jewelry. A degree in sculpture brought her designs to new heights and with each collection you will see her beautiful combination of ergonomics and natural elements.

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 12.19.37

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 12.20.08

‘M’ Is For Moschino


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“It’s so 90’s”, figuratively, and literally. My Mum loved the Moschino trend back in the 90’s buying belts and bags galore, and now I have them to play with! Since Jeremy Scott’s reinsertion of the logo Moschino trend, I found myself tossing and turning between the idea of it being kinda naff and kinda cool. The cool factor has won me over now, and in small doses with simple styling, I think we can work with it in these more modern times.

Bag and Cap, Vintage Moschino; Jeans and Shoes, ZaraT-Shirt, JosephSunglasses, Ray-Ban

IMG_2637 copy

IMG_2632 copy


IMG_2633 copy

IMG_2657 copy

A Legend Is Lost, But A New Star Is Born

Annex - Bacall, Lauren_15

I was saddened to hear the news of one of my idols passing. Fascinated from early age with Hollywood’s Golden Age, the first movie I ever saw of her’s was How To Marry A Millionaire. I was captivated by the image of Lauren Bacall; the way she walked, and the way she talked with such authority mesmerised me. Her grace and elegance were unrivalled by anyone. 


She was, until the very end, one of the most extraordinary beauties I have ever seen. Hers was a strong face. Proudly Jewish, intelligent, handsome, sophisticated and elegant. She was never mimsy or cute.

Her strong, thick brows were the kind that could bat off unwanted male attention with a faintly menacing arch. Her bones were exquisite, her mouth was wide, and full, and she possessed a glamour that was always womanly, never girlish, even when she was an ingenue of just 19. And that sexiness. Bacall had the sort of lethal femininity Elizabeth Taylor also possessed – tough, earthy, striking.

She was the woman I wanted to be when I grew up, and still is… May you rest in peace.


Fashion For Breakfast


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Anya Hindmarch never disappoints. Her pop art inspired collection of python minaudières that looked like mini boxes of Corn Flakes, Coco Pops, and Frosted Flakes cereal, leather tote bags with Tony the Tiger and matchbox prints are simply delightful. Clutches that mimicked packets of laundry soap, small tube-shaped python bags that looked liked McVitie’s cookie packets, remind me of Andy Warhol’s idea of the Campbell Soup can series.
Anya Hindmarch F14 Counter Culture show 2

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