Bigger Is Better

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I recently discovered Colombian jewellery designer Paula Mendoza, whilst reading Mexican Vogue. Her large bold statement piece jewellery are bound to gather attention amongst your peers. Paula’s jewelry exemplifies the richness of Colombian gold and the power of each emerald’s green.

Ten years ago, through studying with local artisans across South America and experimenting with different stones and metals, Paula fully submerged herself into the world of jewelry. A degree in sculpture brought her designs to new heights and with each collection you will see her beautiful combination of ergonomics and natural elements.

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‘M’ Is For Moschino


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“It’s so 90’s”, figuratively, and literally. My Mum loved the Moschino trend back in the 90’s buying belts and bags galore, and now I have them to play with! Since Jeremy Scott’s reinsertion of the logo Moschino trend, I found myself tossing and turning between the idea of it being kinda naff and kinda cool. The cool factor has won me over now, and in small doses with simple styling, I think we can work with it in these more modern times.

Bag and Cap, Vintage Moschino; Jeans and Shoes, ZaraT-Shirt, JosephSunglasses, Ray-Ban

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A Legend Is Lost, But A New Star Is Born

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I was saddened to hear the news of one of my idols passing. Fascinated from early age with Hollywood’s Golden Age, the first movie I ever saw of her’s was How To Marry A Millionaire. I was captivated by the image of Lauren Bacall; the way she walked, and the way she talked with such authority mesmerised me. Her grace and elegance were unrivalled by anyone. 


She was, until the very end, one of the most extraordinary beauties I have ever seen. Hers was a strong face. Proudly Jewish, intelligent, handsome, sophisticated and elegant. She was never mimsy or cute.

Her strong, thick brows were the kind that could bat off unwanted male attention with a faintly menacing arch. Her bones were exquisite, her mouth was wide, and full, and she possessed a glamour that was always womanly, never girlish, even when she was an ingenue of just 19. And that sexiness. Bacall had the sort of lethal femininity Elizabeth Taylor also possessed – tough, earthy, striking.

She was the woman I wanted to be when I grew up, and still is… May you rest in peace.


Fashion For Breakfast


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Anya Hindmarch never disappoints. Her pop art inspired collection of python minaudières that looked like mini boxes of Corn Flakes, Coco Pops, and Frosted Flakes cereal, leather tote bags with Tony the Tiger and matchbox prints are simply delightful. Clutches that mimicked packets of laundry soap, small tube-shaped python bags that looked liked McVitie’s cookie packets, remind me of Andy Warhol’s idea of the Campbell Soup can series.
Anya Hindmarch F14 Counter Culture show 2

When In Spain


bw torerroSpot the blogger on the beach. Her outfit may be a little unconventional; some people may think inappropriate, but definitely fabulous. On a recent trip to Spain I thought I’d get in the spirit of things, and take influence from the bullfight, wearing high waisted bikini bottoms, and a Torrero inspired jacket. Olé!

Jacket, Vintage; Bikini Bottoms, Next



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