Nine Lives

The cat, a creature of poise and athletic prowess, who is both elusive and mystical. The inquisitive feline has been known to escape death by a whisker, and is said to have nine lives. In Medieval Europe, cats were often thrown from high towers. The origin of these rituals is obscure, but the cats often survived the ordeal and seemed to walk away unscathed, much to the amazement of the spectators.

 But why nine lives you ask? The number nine is also ‘the’ trinity of trinities; a mystical number often associated to religion and mythology. The cat was once revered in Egypt, and this is probably where its nine lives began. The Ennead, or the Nine, were the nine deities that consisted of Atum Ra, Shu and Tefnut, Geb and Nut, Osiris, Set, Isis and Nephthys. The goddess Bastet was usually represented as a woman with the head of a domesticated cat. Bastet was the daughter of Atum Ra, the sun god.

Baset, goddess of the sun

This summer, tap into your inner goddess in some cat’s-eye sunglass. Be a creature unlike any other; be bold and daring. After all, a creature with nine lives can afford to take risks…

Nine Looks, For Nine Lives…

Sunglasses by YSL
Olivia Palermo, wearing Tom Ford Nikita sunglasses
Sunglasses by Tom Ford
Solange Knowles, wearing sunglasses by Giles for Cutler and Gross
Tom Ford
Sunglasses, Cutler and Gross
Sunglasses by Rochas

My Looks…


This picture was taken at Blue Marlin in Ibiza by my friend Vega, who featured it on her blog DaisyVega.
Sunglasses, Marks and Spencer; Beach Dress and Matching Bikini, Vintage (from my mother); Earrings, Butler and Wilson

Sunglasses, Marks and Spencer; Bodysuit, H&M


One thought on “Nine Lives

  1. Love the site and love the images… beautiful. Wondered, though why the non-Egyptian face on the illustration “bastet1.jpg.” The freedom of the artists is a given, just curious as to the meaning of putting a Nubian face on a non-nubian character.

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