‘Picador’ Pablo Picasso

 Firstly I would like to state that bullfighting is not a sport, it is an art form. Whateveryour opinions are on the subject, the pomp and ceremony exude an energy and elegance that cannot be compared to something like football, which is indeed just a sport.

Spain for me, is my second home, and I feel like I was perhaps Spanish in another life. I have always been fascinated since I was a little girl with Spain’s culture and history; I even wanted to be a Flamenco dancer when I was little, begging my Mother to buy me this beautiful fuchsia pink and black Flamenco dress. I equally was mesmerised by the the bullfighter’s costumes, the vivid colours and exquisite beading would leave me in awe. For me el Torero is a very masculine, strong, confident, and extremely sensual man, however in this post I once again have found myself playing with the gender roles. Accidentally I came across the works of artist Brian M. Viveros, who’s provocative paintings have women posing as bullfighters, which I just loved! Once again it flips the idea of stereotypical gender roles on it’s head, showing a women’s strength, but he also retains her femininity, she is in no way masculine, but extremely sensual and beautiful.

Brian M. Viveros
Brian M. Viveros

Many Fashion designers have incorporated the bullfighter’s costume into their designs, to produce not just clothing, but little works of art that you can wear.

John Galliano dressed as a Matdor, in Dior’s Fall 2007 Collection
Torero Christian Louboutin
Matador chic, photographed by Sebastian Kim

 Giorgio Armani even designed the famous Spanish bullfighter, Cayetano Rivera’s costumes for his fights.

Sketch by Giorgio Armani for Cayetano Rivera
Cayetano Rivera in Giorgio Armani


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