Marilyn Monore

Seeing Red

Rita Hayworth

Marilyn Monore

Red lips are timeless, elegant, lethal, and without question, seductive. Red lips summon ideas of the screen goddess, the starlet, the femme fatal. However, finding the right red can become a mission in it’s self. Some are too pink, some are too orange, some too blue, or maybe too red!

Gwen Stefani
Kim Kardashian

I decided to try several different lipsticks, but I settled on Chanel. They recently released a new colour range of Rogue Allure lipsticks, and they are divine!

Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick collection 2012

I tried Pirate, Palipante and Passion. I found the Pirate was not quite the right red for me, Palipante was a little too pink, but I felt that Passion was perfect hollywood red.

Wearing lipstick in Pirate
Wearing Palipante
Wearing Passion, with Tom Ford Sunglasses

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