Stepping Into Art

Pruitt and his Panda’s

It’s pandamania at Jimmy Choo, with their recent collaboration with American artist, Rob Pruitt. The much anticipated collaboration, features a whimsical capsule collection, referencing Pruitt’s art influences, perfectly complementing Jimmy Choo’s killer heels.

Playful Angel and Devil Panda’s, feature throughout the collection, which consists of 19 styles of shoes, bags, and accessories. The cute and glamorous line is the perfect accessory for any shoe fanatic, looking to add touch of fine art to their style.

Pruitt first caused a storm in the art world in the late 80’s, and has been known to add a touch of the shock value to his collections, such as ‘Cocaine Buffet’, where a minimalist (if you would like an artist term), line of cocaine stretched 16ft, making his collaboration with Jimmy seem rather tame. However it does raise the question, are Jimmy Choo trying to inadvertently spread a little scandal, and give the ‘Jimmy Choo Woman’, a bad gal image? Or is this merely a fun collaboration between the brand and artist?

Cocaine Buffet
Pruitt’s audience participation with his art…

Equally, it must be said that not all of his work is quite as scandalous as ‘Cocaine Buffet, and that like many artists, shock value draws attention awareness to your art, which is need if you want to be a success in today’s art world. We must remember that Pruitt’s work is also very colourful, drawing inspiration from science fiction, hip-hop and comic books.

Brother From Gleise 581C
Bubble Gun

In a recent interview with Net-a-Porter, Pruitt explained that the collaboration between Jimmy Choo and himself occurred after a photo shoot that he did with Chloë Sevigny. Pruitt sees’s his position in the art worlds, “as that of  a show man”, something he finds in common with the Jimmy Choo brand, stating that their ‘aesthetic is very similar, never shying away from extremes’. When asked “What did you hope to achieve?” Pruitt simply says “To create a line of shoes  and bags that looked like my art”.

The interviewer goes on to ask:

If the line could talk, what would it say?

Buy me! When I first met with the Jimmy Choo designers, I wanted to create a seductive product with the glossiest patents and most dazzling glitter effects possible.

Explain the meaning behind your signature panda print..

The panda is an international symbol that reminds us to tread lightly and to appreciate the adorable .

And the glitter?

I’ve used the glitter finish in the hope that the viewer will experience that same magnetism towards my work that birds and bees experience towards flowers.

Tell us a secret…

I wore six-inch heels while making paintings of Paris Hilton. I was really trying to channel her!”


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