Mode and Marrakech

Zara Barouch
Photo taken at the Palais Dar Ambre

I recently went to Marrakech for the first time, where I was attending a friend’s wedding. I’d heard so much about the colourful souks, and its rich architecture, that I was really excited to go. At first glance, when leaving the airport to get to the hotel, the landscape looks quite baron, and the streets are filled with mopeds with 4 people on one, all at the same time!! The walls of the Medina are pretty impressive, and you get a sense their is a secret lying behind these ancient city walls.

Marrakech, Medina

My first stop after I arrived was straight to the famous hot spot, restaurant and bar, Le Comptoir. As you walk through the doors you are greeted by the scent of Jasmine, and feel like you are being taken into a new exotic world. After dinner we were treated to the infamous belly dancing show, which was amazing! I don’t know how these ladies danced with a table, full of lit candles on their head!

Le Comptoir belly dancing

The next day I had the wedding to attend, where everyone was dressed in their finest gowns and tuxes.

My dress is by Patrizia Pepe, I unfortunately don’t know who my girlfriends are wearing!! But they look fab!

After the wedding, I got to explore Marrakech, visiting the souks, which are intense, and at times intimidating. There is so much going on, and with so many people vying for your attention, but a must see when you are there.

Spices at the Souks

Marrakech Souks

I also did a quick trip to the Gardens of Majorelle. The house was originally built by French artist Jacques Majorelle in1919. In 1980 Yves Saint Laurent bought the property, and when he died he requested that his ashes be scattered in the gardens.



A small exhibition of Yves Saint Laurent Love cards, which he sent to friends every year were on display.

majorelle love cards

So many photographers and fashion designers write how, they are so inspired by this place, and I now can understand why. It is so colourful and exotic, that you want to take a little piece if it home with you. It’s not surprising that Saint Laurent asked for this to be his final resting place. Marrakech is unlike any place I’ve been before, it’s the prefect mix of relaxation, and fun, with some great places to dine and party the night away.

A photo shoot in the November edition of Harper’s Bazaar, I think really captures the essence of Marrakech, exotic, vibrant, strong and mysterious.

Scan 5


Marrakech is a place where worlds collide; east meets west, and where you are indulged in sheer luxury, but when venturing outside the safety of your hotel walls, you are exposed to the extreme poverty and the harsh realities of daily life for it’s locals. I’m not saying that they are unhappy, but you will definitely see the divide.


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