LFW A/W 13: Emilio De La Morena and Ashish

Emilio de la Morena 13

Emilio de la Morena 13

Emilio de la morena 13

Emilio de la Morena’s collection was not as pretty and feminine as last season, but more sombre and grown up. Panelling was a key element in this collection, featuring panelled vests, dresses, and coats made of wool, with silk and leather accents. Sludgy greens and reds, with peek a boo cut outs, gave this collection a very geometrical feel. The geometrical patterns seen, on his skirts and dresses, gave his designs a contemporary 70’s edge. The concept of the collection was a return to the de la Morena roots, Emilio going back to ‘sculptural construction and geometry; working with woven grids and panels pieced together in a kaleidoscopic craze’.

Ashish A/W 13 Show




Straight after the Emilio de la Morena show, I attended the Ashish show. The girls were seriously working their workman’s wear, as they strutted down the catwalk. Hi viz jackets have never looked so chic. The zany collection featured tops with phrases that sometimes are on my mind, but I never say aloud, like “I’m having a shit day thanks”. Denim and glitter were the key elements to the collection, hi viz jackets were blinged out, and plad patterns intertwined between the denim and hologramed pieces. An interesting collection.


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