LFW Street Style: Hits And Misses


I’ve put together a trend I love; coloured suits, and a trend I hate; beanie hats, or rather as I now refer to it, as Garnden Gnome Chic. Although what is chic about a Garden Gnome?

I noticed a lot of the stylish ‘fashpack’ were wearing coloured and tailored suits which I think is great! It’s a great take on what we would normally see as office wear, bringing a fresh more fashionable, sexy edge to it. I relly loved Mira Duma’s electric blue suit, teamed with a buttoned up blouse, which would normally look very corparte and formal, but the colour just loosens it up. Rosie Huntington looked super sexy and effortless (as always) in an organe pant suit.

Now for my pet peeve at LFW. I only attended shows at Somerset House, so I can’t speak for other venues, but there was an army of fashion victims, or rather just victims wearing these awful knitted hats, in the most ridiculous colours. I know some of you out there will greatly disagree with me, but it’s a trend I wish would just disappear. I think it’s the colours they are in, and how they just stand up on top of the girls heads. I’m sorry to whoever these girls are, but you should be fined by the fashion police! Please make it stop!!!

Garden Gnomes

Is it me, or do these girls resemble these garden gnomes below?? _47371126_gnomes.466.body


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