Music As Muse: Daft Punk And Saint Laurent

hombre-punk-05-zSaint Laurent’s designer Hedi Slimane recruited and photographed Daft Punk for a series of black-and-white ad campaign. In addition to running fifteen second commercials at Coachella, Daft Punk are drumming up even more anticipation for their new release, Random Access Memories, by joining Hedi Slimane’s Saint Laurent Music Project. This past weekend’s Indio screening featured the performers in glittery smoking jackets, which were designed by the creative director. The French duo has been recording in L.A, and have a history with Saint Laurent Paris — they were requested to do the soundtrack to the designer’s inaugural runway show, back in October.


The campaign that already features Marilyn Manson, celebrates Slimane’s musician friends and muses and the Daft Punk guys are no different, having been dressed by the designer for years both at his former design house and now with YSL. Check out the slick images, and some serious sequined tuxedo jackets.






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