Masters And Moda

Blouse and Skirt, Zara; Sunglasses, Ray-Ban; Belt, Tom Ford; Shoes, Dolce and Gabbana

Last week I went to the Master Paintings Week in London, with my two Spanish fashionista friends; Fashion Blogger, Vega Royo- Villanova, from Blog Daisy Vega; and Monica Ugalde, a budding handbag designer. We attended the Coll and Cortés Gallery exhibition in Albemarle Street. The walls of the gallery were covered with some of Spain’s greatest Masters, including Pedro de Orrente and Andrés de Leito. The collection was very impressive, and downstairs there was a small collection of antique objects, perfect for adding finishing touches to your home. We all fell in love with a small antique chest, (see image below) perfect for storing your Cartier Panther ring, amongst other jewels.

jewellery box

With the super chic Monica and Vega

Behind me (see image below), is a painting of St Jerome, by Andrés de Leito. Andrés de Leito was a Spanish Baroque painter, working in Madrid and Segovia; very little is known of the artist, making this painting very special. This painting displayed a lot of emotion, as De Leito has depicted St Jerome as being visibly scared, something rare for that time, as it wasn’t until Expressionist movement that artist conveyed emotion so freely in their art.

St Jerome
Photo taken by Vega Royo-Villanova

Like the Look, Shop The Look


Blouse, Saint Laurent; Shoes, Tory Burch; Skirt, Rag and Bone


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