DSC03497I have been working with artist Bushra Fakhoury, and recently a 9 metere sculpture called Dunamis, was unveiled on London’s Park Lane. This week I am a ‘Gallerina’ (as Carrie would say from SATC), as we are doing an exhibition of her work. Bushra works in two styles: Bronze and Objet Trouvé, which is found objects. Having spent several years in the Kenyan bush, her work has consequently been influenced by this period in her life which is evident in her work, which features elephants, and the mythical beliefs of the people of Kenya.

The photo above is one of my favourite pieces ‘Vita’, which is about life and death. Even a king will die either by war, which is symbolised by the bullet, or by time which is symbolised by the clogs of a clock.

DSC03498These pieces, are also full of symbolism. The sculpture on the left is called ‘The Veil’, which is of the burka, concealing a woman identity, but also imprisoning her, which is why the burka is made of chains. The sculpture of the right is called ‘The Bull’, which is about the spanish tradition of Bull Fighting.

This piece (below), is of course a smaller version of the famous Dunamis, which is on Park Lane, London.

DSC03492What I’m wearing:

Jacket, H&M; Sweater, Pringle; Trousers, and Boots, Zara


The Masons
photo 1

photo 3The exhibition runs from 11th November until the 16th November. Be sure to check out  while it is on!

The venue:

The Gallery In Cork Street
28 Cork Street

Look forward to seeing you there!


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