Crazy Horses


With Brazillian artist, Romero Britto
With Brazillian artist, Romero Britto

Well tomorrow is Chinese new year, and its the year of the horse! According to Chinese astrologers, it will be a fast year full of conflicts, with wood as providing fuel for the energetic horse sign. The later part of the year is “yin fire”, increasing the potential for heated clashes even more. Feng shui practitioner Raymond Lo told Reuters: “The upcoming Horse year is also a ‘yang wood’ year, when people will stick more to their principles and stand firm. So it is hard to negotiate or compromise as there are more tendencies for people to fight for their ideals.” However the spirit of the horse is recognized to be the Chinese people’s ethos – making unremitting efforts to improve themselves. It is energetic, bright, warm-hearted, intelligent and able.

For those born on the year of the horse, they will encounter the Year of Birth (Benming Nian). It is believed they will offend Taisui, the god in charge of fortune, so their finances may fluctuate. In terms of career, it is advised to keep the peace between colleagues. For those not born on a horse year, the year ahead will bring health and prosperity. It is said to be an excellent time to travel, as the next 12 months will bring good luck. You are advised to mingle with the locals, savour authentic cuisine and discover somewhere you have never been before.

DSC02443crazy horse

These pictures were taken on a one of a kind rocking horse was made by none other, than the Brazillian artist Romero Britto. He is perhaps one of the most happy people I ever have met, who’s positive attitude is infectious. Influenced by Cubism and Pop Art, Britto executes his iconic patterns and shapes onto this playful, and fully functioning rocking horse, that exude the message of love, warmth and happiness.

This beautiful creation was commission by a friend of mine for his private collection, and to celebrate it’s arrival, he threw an unveiling party. We were treated to a private performance of the infamous Parisian Crazy Horse show, which was incredible! It was like something out of a Guy Bourdin photograph! And afterwards a gorgeous red head emerged from the library, to give the big reveal.

All in all it was a pretty spectacular evening!

Crazy Horse Girls



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