Surviving Fashion Week

surviving fashion week


Fashion week is about to commence in New York this, then moving on to London, Milan and Paris. The days can be pretty gruelling running from show to show, and with the surge of street style photographers, it’s important that you are always camera ready. I’ve made a small kit that no fashionista should leave the house without.


1. Court Shoes: The perfect shoe to go with any outfit. Black and nude are your basics, but if you are feeling bold, opt for a coloured shoe to jazz up your look.

2. Sunglasses: Any self respecting fashionista does not leave the house without them. Who wants a photo of themselves plastered across blogs and online magazines mid blink? Besides they give you an air of mystery, making people wonder who you are. (Triple Graces, sunglasses)

3. Plimsoles: Luckily are totally acceptable footwear these days, but if you prefer like me to wear a heel, they’re perfect for putting on around the corner once you’ve escaped the photographers.

4. Band aid: Blisters are sometimes inevitable, and as the saying goes always be prepared.

5.Eye Patches: After early mornings, long days and late nights, under eye patches are a necessary. (Klorane)

6. Business Cards: Never leave home without them. You never know who you could be rubbing shoulders with, and a little self promotion never did anyone any harm.

7. Lipstick: Red always looks good on camera, and paired with some sunglasses, you’ll be sure to always look chic at any angle.

8. Phone: An obvious one, but important you keep your instagram followers in the loop, and also serves as a visual note pad of what you saw at what show.



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