Paris Haute Couture Highlights


Paris have just had their Haute Couture round of shows, displaying some of the most esquisite pieces, that I’m sure we will be seeing sauntering down red carpet in the near future.

The Chanel show reminded me of My Fair Lady, the floral themes than ran through it were like the flowers from Covent Garden Flower Market, that Eliza Doolittle worked at. The elegant coat, and turn of the century embellished hats were a little like when Eliza became a lady.


Armani is as always flawless. Simple, chic, elegance, with just a hint of a sparkle for the star quality that it possesses. ellie saab

Elie Saab was so pretty, and feminine , with soft shades of nude pink and cream, and some hints of green too!

valentinoValentino reminded me of chic and expensive farm girl from the swiss alps. The pieces individually were very wearable, and it takes the whole boho peasant chic to another level.


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