London Fashion Week: Day 5


Last day of London Fashion Week, unfortunately I couldn’t make days 3or 4, but what a way to end Fashion week. I was blown away by the extremely talented Marko Mitanovski, his Autumn/Winter collection was what I could describe as avant-garde elegance.

Inspired by the human skeleton, the ghoulish, zombie looking models took to the catwalk covered in paint, adorned in latex and leather. To add to the unique artistry of this show, the models features were obscured completely by shiny oil paint, and their faces accessorised with black diamond-like facial jewels. Undisputedly the most stunning show seen this season, with the haunting walk of the models, the almost demonic like distorted music, theatrical, sculptural creations and the dark body paint, all combined, created a beautiful mystical allure.

Marko Mitanovski fashion show during London Fashion Week AW 2015. 24/02/15 London, UK. Anne-Marie Michel for Marko Mitanovski

Marko made it impossible for the audience to take their eyes off of his imposing avant-garde shapes, of which he drew his inspiration from nature, birds, reptile skeletons, and further imbued with architecture juxtaposed with historical Renaissance and the Victorian era. The London based Serbian designer showcased elements outside of fashion, to create overtly original pieces that transformed into astonishing almost wearable art. While his collection was based on many different influences, Marko’s visionary decision to paint the models in black was simply down to his taste in colour. He was quoted to have said: “I chose to do the whole collection in black because it’s my favourite colour.

Emilio De La Morena

I also caught the Emilio De La Morena show again. It was good to see him back on track, using luxurious rich velvets, reminiscent of last years AW collection where he designed a stunning red velvet swing dress. The tone was darker than usual, using black as his key collection colour, injecting royal blues and cherry reds, with his signature frills. A beautiful embroider black coat is definitely on my wish list for next season.

Emilio De La Morena


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