Met Ball Details

Kim Kardashian They don’t call it Haute Couture for nothing, the detailing that goes into these gowns is insane. Think, of these dresses like pieces of art; each diamante, each feather, and layer of chiffon, create these objets de art.ย  28504B8C00000578-3067950-image-m-235_1430784857135 Kim Kardashian looked absolutely exquisite in her Roberto Cavali gown, embruing the Chinese theme to perfection. For me she was the belle of the ball, best dressed for sure. 285051E500000578-3067950-image-m-431_1430792720750 Yes, of course there were some moments when you questioned what exactly were some starlets thinking, but if you focus on the details, rather than the whole effect you can see perhaps from the designers perspective and see the beauty in each piece. 284FFB8900000578-3067950-image-m-103_1430780567390 2850216400000578-3067950-image-m-176_1430783275008 2850618A00000578-3067950-image-m-377_1430790277116 It seemed celebrities liked the sheer effect too, as well as a plethora of red and gold gowns graced the red carpet. 2851905900000578-3067950-image-m-436_1430792794391 28504BB400000578-3067950-image-m-15_1430807645569 2850224D00000578-3067950-image-m-228_1430784691663 2850C34600000578-3067950-image-m-17_1430821417993 2850480700000578-3067950-image-a-230_1430784707260 I also really loved Rhiana’s yellow Guo Pei ensemble, with it’s endless train. 2850645300000578-3067950-image-m-305_1430786461528 2850695800000578-3067950-image-m-503_1430796252152 Who was your best dressed of the night?


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